The Tompkins County Commuter Challenge

powered by Way2Go and Cornell Transportation

A series of events geared at bringing awareness to and encouraging the use of various alternative commute options to driving alone.  Learn about the many benefits smart commute choices can bring to employers, commuters and the community.

Take Charge of Your Transportation!

Help reach Tompkins County’s emission reduction goals by 2030!

Can we reduce our emissions by 20% in the next fifteen years?  Yes We Can!

Learn The Facts Show:

  • 1/3 of all green house gas emissions are associated to transportation.
  • The work commute makes up for 20% of that 1/3.
  • 60% of commuters in Tompkins County drive alone.
  • 15,000+ commute from out of County daily.

We live in a car dominated society where the number of cars in our county increases as our population and job market grows. We can reduce our impact on our environment by exploring smart choices and investing in the right infrastructure, technology and education to get us (literally) moving in the right direction!

What can you do to make a difference? Take the Challenge!

Try switching up your commute once or more a week.

  • Go Car-light!  Use the alternatives more often.
  • Live too far?  Carpool,walk, bike, or take transit the rest of the way.
  • Reduce the amount of trips you make a day or week.
  • Track money, miles and emissions saved.
  • Earn points and rewards along the way.